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Un jardin vert


Search for ecological life in France

Who am I?

From an early age I loved being outside, especially with the horses. I have always had a love for animals, but the green thumb and the admiration for nature grew later.

My name is Lio and I currently still work in education and live with my partner and our dogs in Belgium. Together we had been dreaming for some time of a place with more space, away from the hurried performance society. A place where there would be room for creative projects, connection with nature and more connection with each other and others. And we have found that place in the meantimeun jardin vert.

With my nursing diploma, I hope to be able to work in France as well. In the meantime I am looking for my way to make un jardin vert a success as well. For several years I have been active on a collective farm, together with other enthusiasts I learn every week and we harvest delicious vegetables. I follow a permaculture design course, where I learn to design with nature.I also read to death about food forests, compost toilets, water collection and vegetable gardening. In this way I hope to be able to inspire others with this in the future.

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